Log issues on the fly in Revit during design review and/or coordination meetings with BIM Track. Cross-platform communication means no more time wasted searching through emails and models to find and resolve the issues that matter. Issues can be raised and resolved in 2D or 3D, either in Revit or in our online viewer.

Resolve issues directly in your unique design context no matter if you are an architect, designer, structural or electromechanical engineer, or subcontractor.

Work smarter, not harder.


  • Communicate and track issues across BIM authoring platforms, including between different versions of Revit
  • Schedule the publishing of sheets and models to BIM Track’s web viewer to easily share information between stakeholders.

  • Create issue pinpoints from any given location in your 3D models and 2D sheets.

  • Support for 2D workflows including section views callouts, plan views, and sheets.

  • Create issues from a 2D plan view, and it will be transposed to 3D when you view in the model

  • Switch seamlessly between perspective and orthographic views.

  • Script your own behavior when opening issues, including automatic section boxes around related elements and automatically isolating related elements.