Reduce your switchback between Navisworks and Revit and get rid of siloed clash reports and Excel spreadsheets. BIM Track is designed to give BIM managers, BIM coordinators, and all project teams easy access to clashes, with full accountability, history, and tracking.

With BIM Track, you can instantly convert Navisworks clashes to issues sent to the cloud for your entire team to access. The in-context issue list allows for quick resolution directly in the authoring software using BIM Track’s add-ins.


  • Quickly convert Navisworks Saved Views to BIM Track issues with clear, individual assignment.
  • Interactive clash pinpoint display in Navisworks models with sectioning filter to better visualize your clash locations.
  • Localize issues, not just clashes when running constructability reviews or coordination meetings in Navisworks.
  • Schedule coordination report distribution with predefined filters.
  • Built-in clash grouper to speed up clash review.