What’s BIM Track, again?

BIM Track is the centralized communication platform built specifically for AEC professionals, with industry-leading issue management capabilities.

BIM Track is created by our team of BIM specialists with a crystal clear vision for the future.

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BIM Track: more than just a software

Aside from a host of intuitive features like combining 2D and 3D workflows, integrations with major BIM software, and powerful analytical & reporting tools, did you know BIM Track offers:

Client wish list

Our intuitive system allows paying customers to suggest improvements for future development.

In-app chat

Contact us directly through the in-app or web chat with any questions you may have about our platform. 24/7.

Customer success team

Our dedicated customer success team ensures you get the most out of BIM Track and achieve your KPIs.


We grow as you grow. BIM Track is built with scalability in mind, so you pay depending on your team's size.

In-app training

Users can access exclusive training sessions and soon, in-app training tips to get the most from BIM Track.