Try a simpler solution for your coordination analytics needs

Advanced BIM coordination analytics, made easy.

Get the indicators you need at a glance with a turnkey data analytics solution that connects to dashboard solutions like Microsoft Power BI.

Uncover actionable insights from your project data

How confident are you that you can answer these questions,
right now?

Is my project on track to be fully coordinated, on schedule?

Who is responsible for holding up progress?

Which parts of the project are at risk for delays?

With BIM Track’s Data Analytics Add-on, you can:

Leverage your data

Extract powerful insights from your coordination data to get the answers you need, including: disciplines responsible for issues, team activity, issue criticality, due dates, and more.

Identify key trends

Keep your team on track and pinpoint project delays. Give your firm a competitive advantage so you can win more projects and deliver them - fully coordinated.

Provide total visibility

Give your executive team instant updates on coordination progress without having to navigate unfamiliar BIM software. We put data from multiple projects at your fingertips in a simple, easy-to-use interface.