Improve your BIM coordination

Work directly in your everyday software. With BIM Track you can:

  • Centralize communication: assign & track issues, share comments and see the full history.
  • Retrieve Navisworks clashes directly in Revit as issues.
  • Simplify your reporting with interactive charts and drill down on issues.

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Why centralize communication and issue management?

When it comes to issue tracking, your time matters.⏱️ That's why in BIM Track, we work to simplify the whole BIM coordination process for you - whether it's getting clashes from Navisworks to Revit in seconds, saving you time by tracking and managing issues and queries in a single place or making coordination meetings more efficient with faster and intuitive reports.

"VDC coordination cannot be done in a bubble with just BIM coordinators. The installers, the project managers, the designers and the BIM coordinators all must participate and BIM Track allows all members, even ones without any type of BIM capability, to be completely involved."




How can BIM Track enhance some of your current workflows?

How can BIM Track enhance some of your current workflows?

Centralize communication

Who’s going to resolve it? When does it need to be fixed by? BIM Track provides the essential information you need. Promote overall accountability with issues assigned to individuals for resolution and increase transparency with a full issue history recorded.

Advanced issue tracking

BIM Track's easy-to-use issue tracking features help your teams resolve coordination issues more efficiently. They include bi-directional issue tracking workflows between major BIM/CAD software programs and location-based issue tracking - yes, view issues in your model instantly!

Access models online

GCs, owners, and subcontractors can have the information they need at their fingertips. With BIM Track’s metrics discover and address bottlenecks. Issue metadata like assignee, due date, zone and more are accessible in interactive charts. Generate coordination meeting reports in a single click and schedule them to be emailed automatically.