Make better decisions, backed by data.

  • Seamlessly unlock information across various applications.

  • Harness construction coordination details.

  • Enjoy fully automated updates; no need for you to waste time exporting & importing data.

  • Ready-to-use Power BI dashboard with metrics tailored to construction projects, as well as further customization and KPI coaching from our BIM and BI experts.

  • Identify, assess, plan, mitigate, monitor, and analyze risk across all projects. 

  • Join the forefront of delivering better built environments.

With BIM Track’s Data Analytics solution, you will:

Provide visibility

Give your executive team instant updates on coordination progress without having to navigate unfamiliar BIM software. We put data from multiple projects at your fingertips in a simple, easy-to-use interface.

Leverage data

Extract powerful insights to get the answers you need, including disciplines responsible for issues, team activity, due dates, and more.

Identify key trends

Keep your team on track and pinpoint project delays. Give your firm a competitive advantage so you can win more projects and deliver them - fully coordinated.