February 06, 2019

BIM Track at CanBIM Vancouver 2019

Here at BIM Track, we’re excited to get the ball rolling with our first event of the year this February, with CanBIM Vancouver 2019. The event’s theme is Digital Twins - how BIM software enables 3D models to perfectly replicate real-world buildings for a project’s full lifecycle.

The event will feature a mainstage talk by Franck Murat, Technical BIM Director of our parent company BIM One and Louis Tremblay, Engineer at the City of Québec. Their presentation will take you through the City of Québec’s vision to integrate BIM into their municipal projects, worth a total of $700 million. The team will share the workflows associated with transitioning the City’s portfolio of projects, how the transition process was handled, and the major improvements that BIM integration resulted in during those projects’ lifecycles.

While you’re there, drop by booth 12 of the technology exhibition to meet the BIM Track team ! Have a chat with us about our latest features, including combining 2D and 3D workflows. Come see how you can overlay 2D Revit sheets and PDFs over 3D models, and BIM Track’s new add-ins for AutoCAD-based products and our integration with Solibri’s BCF Connector.

Eric Marrapodi

Sales Representative