October 10, 2019

BIM Track at BILT Europe 2019

Team BIM Track is looking forward to once again attending BiLT Europe 2019 taking place in Edinburgh, Scotland from October 10th to 12th. The schedule is once again a tough one to beat, with nine simultaneous streams and many new faces presenting, in part thanks to a new blind selection process.

Jean-Marc Couffin, BIM specialist at our parent company BIM One will be delivering his class: ‘Use the Force to create, manage, analyse, & solve construction issues’ covering how to smartly manage your projects and improve coordination workflows.

Below are a few of the classes we are looking forward to checking out in particular.

Visit the full class schedule to select your classes for BiLT Europe. While you’re there, come meet with myself and Alexine Gordon-Stewart on the BIM Track booth. We hope to learn more about your coordination processes and upcoming projects.  

Carl Veillette

Co-Founder, VP Product