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October 11, 2018

BiLT Europe Ljubljana 2018

We are very much looking forward to our second BILT Europe in Ljubljana, Slovenia; 2016’s Green Capital of Europe. We will have a host of new features to show from hypermodeling to increased task automation, so that you can focus your efforts where they create the most value.

We’re also pleased to see renewed focus on openBIM and authoring software platforms other than Revit. There’s quite a range of educational classes to choose from; here’s a selection of those that caught our eyes from Thursday alone!

  • How to implement Dynamo (From installation to usage) by Daniel Hurtubise from Data-Shapes. Not your average Dynamo class, Daniel will cover creating user interfaces, and keeping packages and definitions up-to-date to make Dynamo more useable within your firm.
  • From NURBS to Meshes – Parametric design & BIM by Ákos Karóczkai from GRAPHISOFT SE. Regardless of authoring software, see how computational design can be connected to BIM (and how it’s more than just “blobby architecture”).
  • IFC for Revit - demystified by Lejla Secerbegovic from Autodesk GmbH. If you haven’t visited the world of IFCs in awhile, or are struggling with your IFC-based workflow, this presentation, based on the Autodesk IFC for Revit guide published in 2018, is a do-not-miss.
  • See also: IFC for dummies by Martijn de Riet from Bimforce, covering what has changed and what hasn’t. Should be a good one based solely on this sentence: “The fact of the matter is that Revit has numerous tools to improve IFC handling. Most of them are well hidden and poorly documented.”.
  • “OpenBIM Brother”: LIVE Nathan Hildebrandt, from Fulton Trotter Architects takes the audience through ARCHICAD templates to IFCs, checks for compliance in Solibri’s Model Checker, and teaches you how to create COBie deliverables.
  • Augmented Reality and Deep Learning in the Design Process by Alberto Tono from HOK. We heard great things about an earlier version of this class at BILTNA, based on ongoing research being carried out at HOK.

Sessions on Friday and Saturday include experts such as Marzia Bolpagni, Allan Cantos, Chiara C. Rizzarda, Claudio Vittori Antisari, Daniel Stine, Kelly Cone, Sonny Andalis, Mark Wieringa and Bad Monkeys Havard Vasshaug and Adam Sheather.

Be sure to stop by the booth and say hi to myself and Alexine. Looking forward to seeing you there,

Carl Veillette

Co-Founder, VP Product