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BIM Track best use: Design review

This post is the first in a series showing the practical applications of BIM Track. This month, we focus on how BIM Track enhances the design review process.

Clash detection vs quality control: the differences

Let’s get straight to the point: clash detection is a subset of quality control. Quality control enhances the quality and the constructability of the model. And we’d like to demystify some of this quality control voodoo for you.


Latest BIM Track release: Project settings

There can be a lot of detail saved within a project’s settings. To avoid the tedium of recreating these settings on each new project, you can now export a project’s settings for use on new projects.


BiLT ANZ Brisbane 2018

The next stop on the BIM Track tour is sunny Brisbane for BILT ANZ 2018. We are looking forward to meeting clients and prospects alike interested in simplifying their BIM coordination communications.