Founded in Quebec City in 2013 by two visionary entrepreneurs, BIM Track is looking for an Artificial Intelligence Developer to propel its product to an international level. The mission of the founders is clear, to become a technological leader in the field of BIM.

You want to join a tremendous team, to work concretely to the growth of a product in full expansion in the world and to have a job filled with challenges. Do you want to have a flexible schedule, excellent working conditions and work in a living environment where pleasure, work atmosphere and collaboration come first?

Job Description

We are looking for a talented person in software engineering who wants to become an ambassador in the field of AI. The person must be expert in Cloud Based technologies and will play an expert role at the heart of our application strategy.

Our application uses ASP.NET MVC5, WCF, Entity Framework 6. The data is on SQL servers. We also have extension modules in WPF in a few commercial applications.

The application is fully hosted on Microsoft Azure servers.

You will be in charge of the software engineering of our BIM Track product and will have to take up the many challenges related to the field of the AI. Your ultimate mission will be to give all our customers the benefits of artificial intelligence on the BIM Track product.


  • Master's degree in computer science or software engineering;
  • 2 years of experience with Machine Learning technologies;
  • Experience acquired in the field of artificial intelligence (AI);
  • Knowledge of trigonometry / 3D (trump);
  • Have 5 years experience in software design;
  • Ability to excel and adapt an environment starting in IA;
  • Strong interest in research, be curious by nature and have a positive attitude towards complex problem solving;
  • Understand infrastructure requirements to deploy a SAAS product that includes AI concepts;
  • Have the ability to organize well in a multidisciplinary team;
  • Bilingual (English and French).

The advantages of joining our team

  • Full time position, 37.5h / week
  • Startup atmosphere
  • A culture focused on the happiness of its employees
  • Very competitive salary
  • Collective insurance
  • Flexible hours and work / family balance
  • State-of-the-art computer hardware and software
  • Coffee at will!
  • Training encouraged by management, we want you to be a bombshell in your field
  • Always open to ideas and activities 5 to 7
  • Have an exciting career with constant new challenges