Job Description

Under the Product owner the product expert role is to develop technical BIM skills and spread technical knowledge in the BIM Track team and its customers. That person will be providing world-class customer support to our BIM Track customers. We have the best companies from all over the world using our platform, and from time to time they need help. If you have a passion for helping others solve problems, have some technical experience or training and going above and beyond to make sure a customer is satisfied, we would like to hear from you.

What will you be doing?

  • You will be assisting the customer success team with a purpose; to ensure that our customers have the best product experience possible.
  • You will develop our BIM Track technical demo content (models) so that we can look awesome.
  • Troubleshooting advanced technical issues with our customer success team.
  • Be a BIM Guru for our customers to consult with and apply that knowledge to their business requirements leaving them with a feeling that their time was well spent.
  • Speak in events around the world and attend advanced training sessions oversea.
  • Recommend improvements to our product and identify customer product challenge trends.
  • Be a fan of our product, our employees, and our company.
  • You will be measured by the Thank Yous you receive and the innovation you bring to provide our customers with the best BIM Track experience possible.
  • Diffuse your knowledge through articles and interviews in the BIM Track blog.
  • You will be a part of our customer service team who has established a world-class customer service reputation.
  • Helping the Product Owner in research about BIM related technologies and processes.
  • Assist programmers with issues related to our software development by providing general BIM training.

Who are you?

  • Talented at helping people in a pleasant manner: The customer can be frustrated and sometimes be difficult. Your patience, listening and understanding will change the customers frown upside down!
  • Very computer savvy: Our service is delivered from servers over the internet to our customers web browsers. Experience with videoconference systems and BIM software is an asset.
  • You are a problem-solver: You will need understand the issue, analyze the needs, find the best solution and explain it to the customer with clarity.
  • Continuous learner: As our product evolves so must you. There will always be something new to learn and how it applies to a customer’s situation.
  • Persistence to see the day through: You will be dealing with many customers each day. You will need to treat the last customer of the day with the same empathy, sincerity, and professionalism as the first one.
  • Great communicator: You will be talking to people from all over the world. You will have to speak clearly and listen carefully because they will be talking to you using different dialects and accents.
  • Have empathy for others and their needs: our customers will be calling you with issues and questions. You need to feel their pain to deliver the best possible solution.

Do you have these qualifications and skills?

  • Autonomy and ability to organize their work without supervision.
  • Experience: min. 5 years in implementing BIM as BIM coordinator, BIM integrator or BIM manager or equivalent role.
  • Hold a construction related university and/or college degree.
  • Experience with Revit, Navisworks, Tekla Structure, Solibri, BIM360 or other BIM tools knowledge will be considered an asset.
  • Have good knowledge in architecture, structure, mechanical, electrical and / or plumbing disciplines will be considered an asset.
  • Bilingual English and French will be considered an asset.

If you are interested, please send us a cover letter and resume. Your cover letter should help us understand who you are. We are interested in getting to know you through the interview process.
Please be yourself!